Monday, January 11, 2016

...Three days ago while going through David Bowie's new musical release I came across the song "I Cant Give Everything Away". Spoke to me immediately and as my love for Bowie knows no bounds, placed it on the header here with a few Bowie gifs just to connect to my love for the man and his music. Awakening this morning, much to my disbelief, this gentleman of many monikers is no longer of this planet. Bowie has been a support system for me since 1970. My first Bowie concert was the first handbill below from The Winterland Arena in San Francisco in 1972. It was the infamous Ziggy and The Spiders tour and with an extra added San Francisco treat, Sylvester was second on the bill.There I was, all eighteen years of me, seeing visuals and hearing music that was forever burned onto my memory banks. From Hunky Dory to Ziggy to The Duke and all the other brilliant iterations that sprung from the mind of his genius, there are no words to express my gratitude and love for the creative storm that burned so bright from his soul that will keep us all forever in his debt...burn on Starman and thanks for everything.....Craig.

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Mike, Studio City said...

Glenn and I feel the same. Your words say so much. Your post today is beautiful.