Monday, June 29, 2015

       ...Last week I shared the news of our English Bulldog Rocky's health concerns. He was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor and went right into surgery for removal. He came home last Tuesday and has been a remarkable patient for someone who is not always interested in behaving. Today we received the welcome news that his tumor was a low grade two with no dividing cells and excellent margins. As both Michael and my birthday's fall in this week, this is the best present imaginable. I would like to send special thanks to everyone who sent Rocky their best wishes and support, the mail and notes were and are much appreciated. In the following post, there are pictures of Rocky and his sister Gracie. So, our world gets to move forward intact and we could not be more appreciative or happier...bless Rocky, bless Gracie, bless us and bless any and all of you who kept Rocky and us in your thoughts...thanks so much...Craig.


Mike, Studio City said...

We are happy to here the good news. Glenn and I wish you guys a very happy birthday. We are celebrating our 29th year together this July 4th. This is a good week for many of us. As always, we love your blog, it is the best, so beautiful. M and G


Anonymous said...

This IS great news! Thanks for keeping us au courant, and have Happy Birthdays!

Anonymous said...

great news :)