Monday, March 14, 2016

  Having received a few questions about the whereabouts of my two tumblr blogs, ghosts in my bed and visualsandthings, after three infractions per tumblr rules, my account has been closed with tumblr. This happened last friday and am not sure what might take place from this point. Resurrect on another platform? Not quite sure right now but will keep you apprised and to the 5,500 followers of ghosts in my bed, thanks so much for your attention and support, your pal in all things visual, Craig.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the porncake blog, Craig. I check it daily and even capture some of the great images for my facebook page. It's so nice to see how all of your subjects seem to belong together.

Anonymous said...

It's a right wing plot to diminish freedom of expression on the internet--it appears you are only allowed to express yourself any more if you are a Trump spewing garbage.. He will be attacking gay marriage shortly-- stay tuned.