Friday, September 12, 2014

Fortunate to grow up in the bay area of San Francisco, as a young man of seventeen, I was so blessed to live through the midnight shows at the Palace Theater put on by the Cockettes. The highlight was and still is the moment when all else would be swept aside and a wonder by the name of Sylvester would take the stage and just obliterate everyone else on it, not an easy task when one is dealing with the Cockettes.


Mike, Studio City said...

I lived on Castro St. in the summer of '75. I would go to the 'ELEPHANT WALK' bsr snd watch Sylvester do hi thing. I was so lucky.

Anonymous said...

I moved to the city in 1971 and lived there until the end of the decade. It was such an exciting time to be there. It was the center of gay politics, music, theatre and even porn. I too remember those fabulous Cockettes shows and the fabulous Sylvester. I remember Grace Jones being brought onto the dance floor at "The City" atop a sedan chair by 4 muscle bound bearers. We were all so lucky to be there at that time!